US Star Spangled Banners

Most ENGLISH people are unaware of the connections between OLD PUB SIGNS, the STARS and the SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC.

Red Lion – Leo
Bull’s Head – Taurus
Golden Fleece – Aries
The Goat Inn – Capricorn
The Bear, The Plough – Ursa Major
The Golden Swan – Cygnus
The Green Dragon – Draco
The Greyhound – Canis Major
Fox and Goose – Vulpecula and Anser
The Punchbowl – Crater
The Angel – Virgo
The Ship – Argo Navis
Robin Hood – Sagittarius (the Archer)
Eagle and Child – Aquila and AntinousPub Signs Collage v0.1PUB SIGNS – THE ORIGINAL STAR SPANGLED BANNERS

But let’s not forget the AMERICANS, the US FLAG and their NATIONAL ANTHEM………


The NATIONAL ANTHEM of the US, the “STAR SPANGLED BANNER”, was written to the tune of a BRITISH DRINKING SONG (‘TO ANACREON IN HEAVEN’), and originated in LONDON, ENGLAND in the 18th Century.


(Americans didn’t even compose their own National Anthem?)


The ANACREONTIC SOCIETY was a popular ‘GENTLEMEN’S CLUB‘ in London, England founded in the mid-18th century. 

Anacreontic Society Meeting

‘THE US STAR SPANGLED BANNER’ written to the music of ‘ANACREON IN HEAVEN’ – a song promoting  DRINKING and SEX (a tribute to the Myrtle of Venus and the Roman God, Bacchus of Wine………..


Around the time of American ‘Independence (1776) it appears that the BRITISH metaphorically copied their STAR SPANGLED BANNERS (OLD PUB SIGNS) onto the AMERICAN FLAG and gave the US a DRINKING SONG as the basis of their NATIONAL ANTHEM, and NOBODY noticed!


There is also a distinct possibility that US Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were ‘Double Agents’ working for British interests at the time of American ‘Independence’ in 1776.

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were both prominent and very active Freemasons whose ‘Fraternal Bosses’ would have included George III – King of Great Britain 1760 to 1801.

George Washington FreemasonBenjamin Franklin Freemason 2Benjamin Franklin George Washington FreemasonsBenjamin Franklin Freemason 1

From the mid 1750s to the mid 1770s, Benjamin Franklin spent much of his time in London and during this period would attend meetings of Sir Francis Dashwood‘s notorious ‘Hellfire Club’.

Sir Francis Dashwood held some very important posts in British Government including Chancellor of the Exchequer and Postmaster General.

Franklin held the equivalent US Office of Postmaster General from July 26, 1775 – November 7, 1776. (Benjamin was the 1st United States Postmaster General ever).

Records of membership of the Hellfire Club were burned in 1774 (Ref: City of Blood, Cities of the Underworld – History Channel 2 (H2), 2008).

George Washington’s UK Banking Interests – a Conflict of Interest?:

During the American War of Independence, business for the Bank of England was so good that George Washington remained a shareholder throughout the period?!

Ref: Till Time’s Last Sand: A History of the Bank of England 1694-2013. By David Kynaston ISBN-13: 978-1408868560




The Inconsistencies of the ‘Betsy Ross’ Flag of Independence of 1776.….

BETSY ROSS and her Flag appeared on a commemorative US Postal Stamp  issued 2nd Jan 1952…..

But then Betsy disappeared from the US Postal Service Commemorative Stamp Set of US Flags 1775 to 1960?


Even Wikipedia has questions about the ‘Betsy Ross’ Flag.

When we look at the historic evidence documenting the ‘BETSY ROSS’ Flag of 1776 it appears to be more of a ‘BEER STORY’

Hogarth’s depiction of the ANACREONTIC SOCIETY – Gentlemen indeed.

Anacreontic Society Hogarth

Star Spangled banner – LA Times Article

Star-Spangled Banner – Guardian Article

The Anacreontic Song “To Anacreon in Heaven” was popular as a drinking song. Francis Scott Key’s poem “The Star Spangled Banner” was set to this music.
Some more beer promotion……
George Orwell quote from 1984 – ‘Films, football, BEER, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult…’

Olde English Pubs and the Signs of the Zodiac