Star Trek – The Pub Crawl Anthology

Star Trek Pub Crawl 3Star Trek - The TrinityStar Trek Pub Crawl 4

In 1618, James VI and I issued a ‘Book of Sports’ to counter the Puritans of Lancashire.

Drinking ‘Church Ales’ was one of the pleasures permitted on Sundays.

Church drinks promotion on Sundays had begun….

(Ref: The King’s Book of Sports. A history of the declarations of of King James I, and King Charles I, as to the use of lawful sports on Sundays. LA Govett, MA, New College, Oxford 1890)

Also, a couple of interesting notes on Star Trek:

1.   “Most of human history and art can be expressed in Star Trek plots.” (Stephen Fry)

2.    Stephen Fry’s dissertation in his final year at Cambridge was titled Apollonian And Dionysian Themes In The Plots Of Star Trek.

(Dionysus – the Greek equivalent of Bacchus – the Roman God of Wine).

3.    Star Trek’s creator, Gene Rodenberry, said that he modelled it on Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, with each episode combining an adventure with a morality tale.


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