Lewis and the Chessmen

These (not 12th C) Lewis Chessmen were fake and ‘appeared’ on the Isle of Lewis in 1831 at the time of the Highland Clearances.

They were the harbingers and calling card of a secret group intent on Scottish genocide.

Templar Knights playing chess like they have always done…

Knights Templar playing Chess – 1283AD

Biblioteca del Monasterio de El Escorial, ms T. I 6, fol. 25. Patrimonio Nacional, Spain.

Masonic Lodge – Fortrose 108, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

Lodge Fortrose No 108 records go all the way back to 1767; 22 years after the Bonnie Prince Charlie Jacobite uprising.

1842 – 1918 The owners of the Isle of Lewis – the malevolent Mathesons?

Jardine, Matheson & Co., was a Far Eastern company founded in 1832 by Scotsmen William Jardine and James Matheson as senior partners. Trafficking opium in Asia, while also trading cotton, tea, silk and a variety of other goods, from its early beginnings in Canton (modern day Guangzhou), in 1844 the firm established its head office in the new British colony of Hong Kong then proceeded to expand all along the China Coast.

By the end of the nineteenth century, Jardine, Matheson & Co. had become the largest of the foreign trading companies in the Far East[ and had expanded its activities into sectors including shipping, cotton mills and railway construction.

Sir James Matheson purchased the Isle of Lewis in 1842 and continued the orchestrated dismantling and destruction of the proud Scottish Highlanders culture and way of life.

In 1918, high ranking freemason Lord Leverhulme picked up the baton and purchased the Isle of Lewis for £150,000 from the masonic Matheson family.

The crofting and fishing industries would never be the same again.

To cement his work, Lord Leverhulme would leave his very own calling card – a NINE ARCH bridge to nowhere…

In Rivington near Bolton, Lord Leverhulme built a seven arch bridge which also went nowhere – 1910.

July 1913 – Sufragette Edith Rigby burnt Lord Leverhulme’s Rivington residence down one evening whilst William was dining out with the Earl of Derby (Knight of the Garter #851) and King George V (Head Knight of the Garter #782).

Ref: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/sep/12/suffragette-who-torched-ideals-of-the-feminine

From 1827 to the present day, the native and proud Hebrideans from the Isle of Lewis have gradually been relieved of their lands and livelihoods thanks to the Highland Clearances and the dark forces of Freemasonry operating in the shadows.

The Lewis Chessmen were accompanied by a (garter) buckle…

Isle of Lewis Memorial to Bonnie Prince Charlie, who landed on Lewis on the 4th May 1746

The Chess-Playing Templar Knights on the top step of the Masonic ARCH