Olde English Pub Names and the Signs of the Zodiac?

Why do Olde English Pubs have Unusual Names?


In the 17th and 18th Century a lot of the pubs were named after


Red Lion – Leo
Bull’s Head – Taurus
Golden Fleece – Aries
The Goat Inn – Capricorn
The Bear, The Plough – Ursa Major
The Golden Swan – Cygnus
The Green Dragon – Draco
The Greyhound – Canis Major
Fox and Goose – Vulpecula and Anser
The Punchbowl – Crater
The Angel – Virgo
The Ship – Argo Navis
Robin Hood – Sagittarius (the Archer)
Eagle and Child – Aquila and Antinous

What was the reasoning behind this?Pub Signs Collage v0.1The answer may be stranger than you could ever imagine…….

Take a look at the PDF ebook (67MB file) available for download to discover something quite astonishing.

The Spirit World Pub Astrology by Drew Maloney v5_0


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Uranias Mirror Collage v0.1Urania’s Mirror Star Charts – first published in 1824 by Sidney Hall.

Templates for pub signs perhaps?