Olde English Pub Names and the Signs of the Zodiac?

Why do Olde English Pubs have Unusual Names?

In the 17th and 18th Century the Freemasons promoted and controlled British Pub Culture – why?

They named alot of the pubs after star constellations?


Red Lion – Leo
Bull’s Head – Taurus
Golden Fleece – Aries
The Goat Inn – Capricorn
The Bear, The Plough – Ursa Major
The Golden Swan – Cygnus
The Green Dragon – Draco
The Greyhound – Canis Major
Fox and Goose – Vulpecula and Anser
The Punchbowl – Crater
The Angel – Virgo
The Ship – Argo Navis
Robin Hood – Sagittarius (the Archer)
Eagle and Child – Aquila and Antinous

What was the reasoning behind this?Pub Signs Collage v0.1The answer may be stranger than you could ever imagine…….

Take a look at the PDF ebook (67MB file) available for download to discover something quite astonishing.

The Spirit World Pub Astrology by Drew Maloney v5_0

Uranias Mirror Collage v0.1

Urania’s Mirror Star Charts – first published in 1824 by Sidney Hall.

Templates for pub signs perhaps?